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Explore more than 2,000 miles of the perilous journey Wisconsin's migratory birds make every year.

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Funding for Our Birds is provided by Alliant Energy, and Animal Dental Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists LLC of Milwaukee, Oshkosh and Minneapolis. Additional funding is provided by the Paul E. Stry Foundation of La Crosse and the Friends of Wisconsin Public Television.

Get Informed

Find out what you can do in your home and around your community to help protect our migratory birds and preserve important habitats. There are many ways you can help, some as easy as flipping a light switch.

The Connection Between Wisconsin Orioles and
Latin American Ocelots



Craig Thompson | Orioles and Ocelots: Wisconsin's Costa Rica Connection (PDF)

Orioles and Ocelots (1-page flyer)

Window Strikes: Practical Prevention Information


Prevent window strikes

WIngs | Wisconsin Night Guardians for Song Birds

Fatal Light Awereness Program (FLAP) | How to make windows safe for birds

Audubon | Minimizing window collisions

Chicago Audubon Society | Make your windows safer for birds

Audubon Magazine | Clear & Present Danger
Millions of birds perish every year from crashing into glass windows. After decades of inattention, biologists, builders, and architects are joining together on solutions that will benefit both people and the birds.

Other Obstacles Facing Birds


Eastern Towhee

Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine| Cats
In suburban backyards and rural fields, free-roaming cats are pouncing on songbird populations.

Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine | Cell and TV Towers
The push to digital and cellular broadcasting puts migratory birds on a collision course with technology.

Bird City Wisconsin
Making Wisconsin communities healthy for birds and people.

Information on Programs and People Working in Latin America


Ricardo Moreno

Amazon Conservation Association
Find out more about Adrian Forsyth's work saving tropical rainforests

Canopy Tower

Canopy Tower: Articles and speeches by Raul Arias on Canopy Tower and eco-tourism

Friends of the Osa

Wild Cats of the Osa
Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno Research Project

Wisconservation | The Osa Project

Warblers and Orioles


Black and White Warbler

How to build a Prothonotary Warbler nest box
This bird likes mangrove forests in its wintering grounds and forest floodplains in Wisconsin.

National Wildlife Federation | How to feed Baltimore Orioles

Golden-winged Warbler Working Group: Breeding Habitat Guidelines (PDF)
40% of the world's Golden-winged Warblers breed in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

More information about the Golden-winged Warbler Working Group

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